The Man & Woman – Fun Facts About Our Differences

In the beginning, one of God Almighty’s greatest creations were Adam and Eve, Man and Women and boy did he have a unique sense of humor when he created us, its clear we are so different but yet we gravitate to each other and need one another.


You know the saying opposites attract? It’s scientifically true. Men and women are made up genetically different, other than our obvious difference in body parts, we think, feel and literally see things differently, I’ll explain our differences below with some fun facts you may or may not know.

The Man

Hello? I’m talking to you….

When males are forming in the womb, testosterone influences the making of the auditory senses, and prompts the brain to shut out repeated and unwelcome sounds.

So ladies, when you have to keep asking your hubby to pick up his underwear off the bathroom floor… his brain is translating is as repetitious unwanted auditory stimuli, and bless his heart he sincerely doesn’t register it.

Men have a built in natural ability to fix things, protect and provide.

It’s in their biological makeup. Since men tend to think mostly with the left hemisphere of the brain, they see what needs fixing and they focus in on that task, and because of this they are able to focus on one thing solely and get bored quicker.

They are pretty much one step at a time thinkers, whereas women are notoriously good at multitasking and prefer to tackle many things at once.



The Woman

Women tend to think with both left and right hemispheres of the brain are more realistic thinkers. Often handling a plethora of tasks at once.

The average woman is constantly checking her busy to-do list off…. What am I cooking for dinner… Oh I need to take Katie to her piano lessons today at 5…. What bills need to be paid this month. Women are more cautious and tend to take fewer risks than men, and because they think with both sides of the brain, they take in more sensory information than men.

This is why women can easily find things quicker, for instance they can find the jar of jam slightly hidden behind the container of tomato sauce in the fridge, a little faster than her husband, because information is processed differently in our brains.


We Need Each Other

So you see you really cannot have one without the other. Women need the natural protecting and providing abilities of men, and Men need the fast and simultaneous thinking, nurturing of a Woman.

We complete each other and together work like a well oiled machine, when we understand and accept our differences and respect one another for who we are.



Getting to know all about you

In today’s culture it is way to easy to get divorced and just give up, and most often someone has to pay figuratively and literally. Instead of throwing in the towel, we can learn to understand each other and learn each other, you may find you learn new things about your spouse of 2.5..even 15 years, you may not have known before.

Personally, I am still learning things about my husband all the time, things that intrigue me I never knew about.

For instance I recently found out that he won’t eat Sun chips which is funny, because my husband will eat just about anything and I mean anything. He told me when he was younger it made him sick to his stomach so he never quite really got around to trying it again.


It’s all fun and games

Finding out new things about your spouse can keep things fun and interesting. I recently came across a fun game I wanted to try with my husband called “Coffee Shooters” from a website called

The game is described as easy and fun and basically you and your Hubby sit face to face and you shoot questions to one another and you have to answer the question (Kind of truth or dare without the dare kind of game).

It helps to revive those early dating feelings you had when you met the first time, maybe rekindle and heat some things up with kinkier questions you may know or want to know about each other.

This can tighten your bond to your spouse and perhaps you can make it a monthly thing, by learning 5 new things about your spouse every month, you did not know before.