How to spice up your marriage in the bedroom and life- 5 ways through senses

How to spice up your marriage in the bedroom and life in general – 5 ways through senses

1) TASTE – Experiment on your spouse with your sense of taste. We were born with 10,000 taste buds to taste a variety of flavors from sweet to sour, salty or bitter, but we’d rather focus on sweet and maybe even salty if it floats your boat. This has to be my most favorite sense, you can do so much with it, it’s fun, creative and seductive to try different foods and flavors with and literally on your spouse.

  • Get sweet with honey and melted chocolate – Although it can be messy but sticky and fun. Melt them in the microwave for a few seconds, enough to get them to drip.
  • Pop rocks Candy – Very fun but not for people with very sensitive parts. Use them on your partners hot spots.
  • Sour and Sweet jolly ranchers- Play a guessing game with your sweetie by wetting the candy and rubbing it on different parts of your body, some they would suspect and some they wouldn’t suspect, if they guess all the parts right, reward them with a gift of their choosing.


2) TOUCH – We as humans have been accustomed to touch since before, we were actually born, babies respond to the touch of their mother in the womb and crave contact when they are out. Touch is crucial to or development and important so it makes sense that we enjoy the touch of our spouse. Touching releases, the happiness hormone into your body with serotonin and endorphins, and this needs to start as soon as we wake up every morning. In a nut shell it’s essentially making love to your spouse all day in a figurative and literal sense.

Follow these easy tips and watch your relationship flourish before your eyes:

  • Reconnect with your spouse simply by holding hands in public and private, kissing before you leave home, when you return and kissing just because.
  • Take turns giving each other massages every night, especially after a long hard day, your spouse will appreciate you and you’ll both be a little more stress free
  • DO NOT skip the foreplay, actively engaging in extra time for foreplay lets your spouse know this isn’t just a wham bam thank you ma’am routine and actually effects your quality of love making, which can in turn help you better reconnect with your spouse.



3) SIGHT – It’s a fact that men often respond to visual stimulation according to Neuroscientists. In fact, as soon as the male views the lust inspiring image in question, the image immediately registers in his brain and he is stimulated not only physically but psychologically as well.

  • Show your appreciation for your spouse by leaving post it notes or a text message about how much you love and appreciate them, seeing is believing and knowing that your spouse sees and acknowledges what you do every day is powerful and will bring you closer.
  • Men – Your body language and facial expression and your interest level in her for example asking her about her day and actually listening to what she says really matters and makes a difference in how she will respond to you. Your woman is constantly watching and can tell when she is not being heard or paid attention to.

Women are a different story, while they can be turned on by visuals, women are more imaginative fantasizer’s and can be stimulated by factious characters in a romance novel, perhaps a strong, attentive and thoughtful, all for his women and no one else kind of man.

  • Ladies – You can really build up the anticipation with your guy by sending him an eyeful of you or certain parts or you (Wink Wink) that’ll let him know you are thinking of only him and he’ll race home to you



4) HEAR – Women need, admire and respect a man’s strength, when used to support, protect and provide for their family. Men want to be respected, needed and wanted and need to hear that they are appreciated.

  • You can affair proof your marriage by letting your spouse know they are important and attractive to you, sometimes hearing that your spouse loves, supports and wants you makes all the difference in the world.
  • A man that is willing to do anything for his women is a man that will gain a partner that is willing to do anything for him and with him.



5) SMELL – Reconnect with your spouse through the powerful sense of smell. Smelling certain scents can be a powerful aphrodisiac. For example:

  • Essential oils– Neroli can be a stimulating and flirtatious scent to men and women alike.

1. Men are attracted to earthly smells mixed with lavender like cedar wood and patchouli.

2. For women jasmine mixed with, ylang ylang, bergamot, or rose oil to stimulate the libido and energy for lovers.

  • Herbs & Spices– These can be powerful aphrodisiac scents as well as good for your wellbeing

1. Ginger with it’s warm and spicy aromas can heighten your senses and react to strengthen your sexual attraction, as well as remove toxins from your body.

2. Cinnamon is known to intensify a women’s desire for sexual intimacy, so the next time you want a boost in your libido why not add some cinnamon to a savory dessert or chocolate or that extra something.

  • Candles – Not only do candles set the mood with their sensual wavery light but they smell amazing and can really get you in the mood and relax you simultaneously. Aphrodisiac candles are a great start to get some intimate time with your spouse.