How to communicate better with your spouse – 5 simple ways

Communication is key in any relationship, marriage and the most important skill you have in life. Strong communication is also one of the important foundations of your marriage and if that fails then your relationship with your spouse breaks. There are so many ways we can better communicate together, but here are a few simple ways you can improve your communication with your spouse and watch your relationship flourish.

Laugh Together

Being able to laugh in awkward situations with your spouse proves you are comfortable with one another; a sharing of mutual humor can bring couples closer together and can strengthen your relationship. It also proves to be a great stress reliever of pinned up energy. I actually saw a saying of couple who laugh together stay together, laughing together usually means a good quality relationship, your able to “Brush The Dirt Off Your Shoulders” if you will, and your happier together

Talk Less Listen More

If you are constantly talking, how can you even begin to understand the needs of your spouse. If you allow your spouse a chance to say their peace, you can better understand their wants and needs and act on them, if your spouse sees that you are taking an interest in them, and actively listening to their thoughts, the feeling will be mutual and be reciprocated in turn. Thinking and considering all the facts before putting your foot in your mouth has it’s benefits, no doubt and gives you the chance to see your spouses point of view, like putting the shoe on the other foot, it allows you to have a well-thought-out response.

Play Games Together

Getting into a playful mood and breaking out a few board or card games, even video games, can really get those creative juices flowing. You obviously have to use communication for a little friendly competitiveness, and you’ll have fun doing it. You can absolutely make it a regular thing every week or weekend, and if board or card games aren’t your thing, since this is the digital technology age, you can play two or multiplayer games like “words with friends” or ” Scrabble” on your smart devices, not only will it bring you closer and build your relationship, but it will build your friendship as a couple. You can even add some incentive in there and play for favors, full body massages, pampering etc.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This saying is never truer when it comes to relationships. I always tell my husband,” It’s the little things matter so much more to me” for instance when he comes home from a long stressful day at work and still helps me with things I couldn’t manage to get done, like finishing the dishes or vacuuming the floor, it means he’s basically putting his own needs before mine, and I reciprocate by having everything ready for him, his dinner ready, his clothes out after showering etc. I try to make it easier and less stressful for him as he does for me.

A Couple That Prays Together Stays Together

I think the title really speaks for itself. There are actual statics that prove praying together keeps couples together to be true, the divorce rate is lower for these couples in and out of church. Having faith together and having a relationship with God will help your marriage weather the storm whenever things feel unbearable and out of hand. Not only does praying with each other work but praying for each other works miracles. I can bear witness to testament on this topic time and time again on the power of prayer, and what is has done for our marriage. It has helped us grow individually and as a couple, as well as a family in whole.